How to Check for Copyright and Avoid These Catastrophic Issues

Plagiarism is simply defined as the act of copying another person’s ideas, text or other creative work and presenting it as one’s own. Very important to note in this definition is that when you want to check for copyright infringements there must be a proven intent to present the work as one’s own. This is why poor referencing can make one culpable to the legal right issues of plagiarism. Plagiarism can actually be as complex as it can be also simple to understand. There are different types of plagiarism which include; direct plagiarism, self-plagiarism and accidental plagiarism among others. That’s why you need to use free online copyright checker.

Why Go for Originality?

The topic of plagiarism and originality are two very vital and crucially important ones, especially in our world today. At best it can cause you serious embarrassment and at worse, it can cause you tons of financial claims in legal suites. This is why it cannot be overstated the role that originality must play be it in speeches or in researches and write ups. And that’s why, you have alwayscheck for copyright you writing. Below are 3 benefits of originality:

  • Self-satisfaction and fulfillment: the fulfillment you derive from knowing that the work is yours and not another people is priceless
  • You save yourself unwanted embarrassment: It can be very embarrassing and derogatory to be caught in the act of plagiarism
  • It saves you unnecessary fees: Plagiarism is criminal and so you could be sued which have it’s many antecedent expenses.

These are some of the reasons why you should go for originality and why you should always look for where to check for copyright or test for plagiarism free online to ensure that your work is original.

Fact about Copyright

copyright checker bartCopyright like we earlier stated can be as confusing as it can be complex. There are limitations and exceptions and so many other things that must be said about it. Below we would be looking at 4 facts that you should know about copyright:

  • Ideas: It would please you to know that you cannot copyright ideas, so if you have similar ideas with someone, only the actualization of that idea can be protected by copyright laws and not the ideas itself
  • Books and Titles: Another thing that you cannot copyright is titles and names for books; you can, however, copyright your content.
  • Company work: If you work for a company, then any content videos or images produced by you for the company belong to the company.
  • Freelance work: Unlike company work, freelance work is slightly different in that any work you do on a freelance space is yours, be it images, videos or content, except you decide to sell part or all of the rights of that work.

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A Few Stats about Copyright

Of course, the stats don’t lie and so here are some interesting statistics about copyright

  • In a high school study, it was reported that 58% of students admitted to plagiarism
  • Another study showed 36% of undergraduates admit to paraphrasing/copying few sentences
  • And 24% of graduate students self-report that they did same

Some Famous Plagiarism Cases to Note

Below we would be looking at 4 common cases of plagiarisms

  • Popular writer of the Harry Porter series J.K Rowling had a lawsuit brought against her on accusation of plagiarism of the 4th installment of her novel
  • Dan Brown writer of the Da Vinci Code also had a plagiarism lawsuit filed against him
  • Popular pop star musician Nicki Minaj also had accusations of plagiarism for her hit song ‘starships’
  • Then there is, of course, the recent Melania Trump plagiarism of Michelle Obama’s speech and the controversies it caused

We see that from speeches to writing and even music, the consequences of plagiarism spans through. And these people could avoid it if they had used check for copyright tool.

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Image credit: secondarylibrary.cis.edu.hk

How You Can Avoid These Issues

Now that we see the consequences of plagiarisms we would take a look at simple ways to avoid them and below 4 of these ways are elucidated:

  • If you are writing a book then please use plagiarism checker for books
  • It is always good to use online tools like essay copyright checker to detect any plagiarism
  • Always pursue after 100% originality
  • Know the rules governing plagiarism

Plagiarism is not just illegal, it is also a reputation killer; this is why it is important to check for copyright and ensure that you are always within your legal right.

The internet is a great place for those looking where to check for copyright.